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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality: A Consultative Approach

SMACNA residential contactors are offering tailored solutions for their customers by freshening, purifying, and dehumidifying indoor air with products such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and high-efficiency air filters, which can reduce customers’ medical expenses and build company referrals along the way.
Virtual Welding: Photos courtesy ITI

Virtual Welding Enhances Learning and Safety

The need to remain cost-effective while enhancing worker safety is increasing the use of virtual reality to train welders in the construction industry.
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis: Photos courtesy of IFS

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

To improve energy efficiency, enhance indoor air quality, and help preserve the historic mosaics, SMACNA contractor IFS of Fenton, Missouri, installed a new air-cooled chiller and replaced a single chilled water pump with a new dual-duty standing chilled water pump for redundancy.
Photo Courtesy MG McGrath

Putting Safety First at the Milwaukee Bucks Arena

MG McGrath Inc. recently completed the most visible, and stunning, elements of the new $524 million Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center, fabricating and installing a total of 317,000 square feet of metal panels on the unique exterior of the new Milwaukee landmark.
Contractors Helping Employees Address Mental Health Concerns

Contractors Helping Employees Address Mental Health Concerns

Sheet metal and HVAC contractors have a number of strategies and tools at their disposal to assist employees who are at risk of suicide and struggling with mental health issues.
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SMACNA’s Change Orders Guide

Handling a change order properly and getting paid can be a big challenge for contractors. SMACNA’s Guidelines for Change Orders manual is a valuable resource that members can rely on for navigating the inevitability of workplace challenges and obtaining proper change orders.

Managing Risk in the Digital Age

For years, contractors have tackled risk by purchasing insurance programs and managing claims. Today that is no longer enough.
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Free OSHA Webinar for Small and Medium-Sized Firms

A well-managed workplace safety program can be a benefit to construction firms in countless ways—lower insurance rates, healthy employees, and increased productivity.

June PinP Magazine Now Available

Workforce development and mental health, two of the biggest issues currently facing the sheet metal and HVAC industry are the main subjects covered in the June issue of the Partners in Progress magazine.
Recently, George “Butch” Welsch of the SMACNA St. Louis Chapter, presented to Dave an endowed scholarship in SMACNA’s College of Fellows

A College Scholarship Is A Great Way to Say Thank You

On a scale of 1 to 10, the relationship the SMACNA St. Louis Chapter has with Local Union 36 is undoubtedly a 10.
MCAA 400x513

SMACNA Members Get Discount on MCAA New Book

SMACNA has negotiated a substantial discount for members when they purchase the 2018 edition of MCAA’s Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry—a publication widely relied upon by mechanical and specialty contractors, attorneys, and consultants.
SMACNA Co Hosted a Clambake Fundraiser 400x281

Serving Up Politics at a New England Clambake

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) has been a longtime supporter of SMACNA members’ and their issues ranging from Davis Bacon to energy efficiency to infrastructure.
Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Building 400x176

Old Buildings Can Achieve High Marks

Buildings can achieve high performance regardless of age, according to the latest study from the U.S. General Services Administration.
2018-clrc-settlements-report 400x518

New Wage Settlements Report Available

The Construction Labor Research Council’s (CLRC) Settlements Report from January through June 2018 is now available.
Sheet Metal Made Lean and Clean 400X302

Fight Rising Steel Prices with Lean

Many sheet metal distributors didn’t waste time passing along steel price increases that they blamed on the new 25 percent tariff on imported steel entering the U.S.
Alliance for Industrial Efficiency x400

Large U.S. Manufacturers Make Commitments to Save Energy and Reduce Emissions

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency released a report in June called Committed to Savings: Major U.S. Manufacturers Set Public Goals for Energy Efficiency.
George L. Welsch

Stay Profitable in an Unstable Economy

When asked how his firm is preparing for a cyclical downturn in the economy, SMACNA member George L. “Butch” Welsch told The ACHR NEWS magazine, “The most important thing we have done to prepare for a recession is to change the mix of our business from predominantly new residential construction to only 30 percent new residential construction, and 70 percent service, replacement, and architectural sheet metal.”

New Report Aims to Eliminate Injuries

One of the best ways to prevent and control occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities is to "design out" or minimize hazards and risks. A national initiative called Prevention through Design (PtD) promotes this concept.
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Get Free Access* to SMACNA’s Technical eLibrary

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SMACNA’s Newest Premier Partner

SMACNA is pleased to welcome Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, to its Premier Partner Program, our sixth Premier Partner. The exclusive Premier Partner program connects SMACNA members to leading companies in the sheet metal and HVAC industry.

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