Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMACNA January Board actions and highlights

Feb 5, 2015

SMACNA’s Board of Directors met in January and approved an expense-operating budget of $10,304,841 for 2015. Following are Board actions and projects receiving funding this year. 

Joint SMACNA-SMART Manpower Supply Study

SMACNA and labor-partner SMART (the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers) are jointly funding a project to assess the industry’s near future (1 to 5 years) manpower needs that will end with recommendations for local market manpower development strategies.

Creation of a steering council for women in construction management

Acting on a recommendation of the Council of Chapter Representatives, the Board approved creation of a Women in HVAC Management Steering Council. The steering council will be dedicated to advancing women who aspire to take leadership positions in member companies and chapters and/or who are interested in becoming involved in SMACNA both locally and nationally.

“Fire, Smoke, and Radiation Damper Installation Guide for HVAC Systems”

SMACNA’s Technical Resources Department will begin revising the fire and smoke damper guide. SMACNA members will benefit from the revised document that ensures code compliance when installing/servicing fire and smoke dampers.

Convert Contractor Operations Manual to E-learning Modules

To provide additional learning opportunities in an online format for SMACNA members, SMACNA will convert the Contractor Operations Manual into e-learning modules starting with the sections on Inventory Cost and Control and Job Costing. The cloud-based programs will be free to members through SMACNA’s website.

“Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual”

Work will begin on a new edition of the 1997 “Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual” to ensure SMACNA members continued ability to secure projects in the FRP market and expand opportunities. The new document, slated for publication in 2016, will contain current industry standards and seek ANSI accreditation of the published document.

Regional Chapter Education Program

SMACNA will hold a centrally located 1½ day Regional Chapter Education Program featuring a variety of chapter education sessions. Bringing together these top-notch educational professionals and their presentations in one central location will allow more chapters and their members to take advantage of SMACNA’s outstanding educational programs.

Encouraging fire-life safety certification for hotels and facilities hosting SMACNA events

As suggested by the Council of Chapter Representatives, the Board recommended that in securing facilities for SMACNA events, SMACNA should inform potential facilities about the significance of a written fire-life safety policy. SMACNA shall also inform such facilities that the existence of such a written policy shall be considered by SMACNA in securing space.

Shop Fabrication Layout Guide

This guide and template will assist members in laying out their shops for efficient fabrication and production services.

Financial Management Video and Webinar

A videotape of the financial management educational session from the 2015 Business Management University will be made available in webinar format for members to purchase from the SMACNA website.

Computer Software Database

SMACNA will develop a revised report format to present computer software database results of members willing to share their experiences in using industry software programs. Members can use the reports to connect with other members who use the same software and compare notes or they can use the SMACNA Computer Software Database Report when considering purchasing new software.

Productivity Enhancement Tools

Technical apps, software, and interactive checklists for duct fittings, architectural drainage, rectangular industrial ducts, steel stacks, and “duct-u-lator” are planned.

buildingSMART alliance Sponsorship

A sponsorship of the buildingSMART alliance will increase SMACNA’s visibility and participation in the architectural/engineering/construction/maintenance community regarding BIM (building information modeling) development. It will also increase SMACNA’s presence in developing legislative initiatives to mandate BIM in the federal contracting sector.

New Associate Members