Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Council of Chapter Reps meeting highlights

Jan 11, 2016

SMACNA’s Council of Chapter Representatives recently discussed how the latest energy benchmarking trends can translate into more projects for contractors and how SMACNA’s new Change Orders Spreadsheet can streamline their work at their meeting in Monterey, Calif. in December.

Energy benchmarking means more work for contractors

Tony Salvador and Steve Tuttle, of ACCO Engineered Systems, discussed how energy benchmarking is impacting the sheet metal industry. Benchmarking, which received traction in the public sector, is gaining a strong foothold in the private sector as municipalities like San Francisco, New York, Denver, and other cities enact benchmarking laws.

The presentation covered how energy benchmarking translates into potential work for SMACNA HVAC contractors and how energy service companies are being engaged. The presentation piqued the participants’ interest and Tony and Steve fielded many questions on the issue.

Lucas Aubrey of the Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the Construction Industry, engaged the Council in a lively discussion that enlightened many in the room about how the Plan is implemented and administered.

SMACNA’s new Change Order Spreadsheet attracts interest

Mike Pence of Control Air North and Rick Freeman of Stromberg Metal Works Inc. demonstrated how SMACNA’s new soon-to-be-released Change Order Spreadsheet works. This new tool facilitates organizing, preparing, and submitting change orders for sheet metal and piping work.

Wage equalization

A discussion also took place on wage equalization and the new SMART “Label It, Scan It, Report It” program.

The meeting was also an opportunity for chapters and contractors to meet SMACNA’s new legal team of Dan Kelly, Michael McNally, and John Hauge of Felhaber, Larson, Fenton and Vogt.

Joe Samia, contractor councilor for the Association of Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractors of Kansas, was elected as 2016 Council vice chair. Jim Bigham, CEO of SMARCA Minnesota - North Dakota - South Dakota Inc., will be the 2016 Council chair.

For a copy of the Council meeting presentations visit the “For Chapter Executives” section of SMACNA’s Chapter Web page, then select the Council of Chapter Representatives link.