Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


New! SMACNA change order tools will improve your productivity

Aug 2, 2016

SMACNA has recently developed two new productivity improvement tools—a Change Order Spreadsheet and Change Order App—to help SMACNA members more accurately develop, organize, and present their change-order proposals.

These new tools are available free to SMACNA members only. Download your Change Order Spreadsheet and App on SMACNA’s Project Management webpage.

SMACNA’s Change Order Task Force updated and converted the manually tabulated change-order worksheets from the Alliance Project Management Manual (developed by SMACNA, MCAA, and NECA) into an Excel format to enable project managers and staff to more consistently, efficiently, and accurately develop their change orders.

The new spreadsheet is based on the 12-page manual worksheet in the Project Management Manual’s Change Order section, which assisted in estimating a lump-sum change order.

For those comfortable working with web-based apps, SMACNA has also developed a Change Order App as a companion tool that covers the same elements in the spreadsheet.

These two productivity improvement tools bring all the information into a common, detailed worksheet that, once populated with all the numbers—local labor rates, supervision percentages, rental values, mark-ups, fees, bond rates, and more—will automatically generate a complete recap with cost category assignment and final cost assessment.

Members may download their Change Order Spreadsheet and App from SMACNA’s Project Management webpage and immediately improve the way they develop change order proposals.