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New Horizons study explores making decisions about market opportunities

Sep 15, 2016

El_ Asmar_MounirEntering a new market in the construction industry is a complex task.

Although many contractors have experienced the benefits of expanding their market offerings, some have had unsuccessful experiences causing hardship for the organization.

The presentation, “Making Decisions About Market Opportunities” on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at SMACNA’s 73rd Annual Convention,” will walk attendees through the methods used to develop the framework and instruct attendees on how it can be used to make more successful market-entry decisions.

Sullivan_JeraStandardized decision-making processes can help to increase the likelihood of success, but only seven percent of SMACNA member organizations have such a process in place. To address this need, the New Horizons Foundation has developed a market-entry decision framework tailored to the specific needs of SMACNA members.

Session leaders include Mounir El Asmar, a faculty member at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, and a senior sustainability scientist at the Global Institute of Sustainability; and Jera Sullivan, a faculty member at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s civil and architectural engineering and construction management department.

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