Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Bridge your IT gap: SMACNA’s new “Guideline to Information Technology”

Jan 13, 2017

New_x75More than 40 percent of construction companies do not have a dedicated information technology (IT) department, according to J.B. Knowledge’s recently published “Construction Technology Report.” For small and medium-sized specialty contractors, like most SMACNA members, that percentage is significantly higher.

IT Cover_x202SMACNA’s new “Guideline to Information Technology” addresses this gap by providing members with a quick resource guide to navigating IT decision-making and management. The publication, for members only, delivers guidance on the proper combination of standardized hardware, software, and connectivity.

This easy-to-read, 39-page document also includes two critical appendices: A Sample Disaster Recovery Plan and a Sample Information Technology Policy and Procedures Manual.

So, if you’re looking for a roadmap to improve your IT decision-making, check out SMACNA’s "Guideline to Information Technology," available on the Business Management section of the SMACNA website.

SMACNA’s “Guideline to Information Technologyis the first of four new updates to SMACNA’s “Contractor Operations Manual.” Look for additional new and updated manuals in the coming weeks.