Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMACNA January Board actions and highlights

Feb 10, 2017

During the coming year, watch for the following products that were reviewed and approved by the Board at their January meeting.

Technical Services

The “Thermoset Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Duct Standards,” 2nd edition, is undergoing ANSI Canvass Accreditation. Anticipated publish date: late first quarter 2017.

Kitchen Grease Duct Fabrication tables for compliance to both the SMACNA “HVAC Duct Construction Standard—Metal & Flexible,” the “Rectangular Duct Construction Standard,” and the Model Building Codes are under development. Anticipated publish date: early second quarter 2017.

HVAC Duct Construction Standard—Metal & Flexible,” 4th edition (ANSI), update is underway. Anticipated delivery date: late second quarter 2017 (pending ANSI Accreditation).

SMACNA HVAC Total Systems Air Duct Leakage Manual,” 1st edition (ANSI), will undergo public review and comment during first quarter 2017.

A Food Grade Task Force will develop a scope of work for a guideline/manual to engage SMACNA members in food grade fabrication work.

An IRCA Task Force will determine the feasibility of developing a method of test (MOT) and investigate the potential opportunity for SMACNA testing, adjusting, and balancing members to engage the health-care community as a resource with a MOT for validating containment and air pressure differential.

Business Management Services

SMACNA's “Contractor Operations Manual” contains documents to assist SMACNA contractors to improve their business management skills and provide resources for best practices.

New Contractor Operations Manual 2017 books include:

  • Principles of Job Costing (update)
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures (update)
  • Guide to Shop Burden (update)
  • Lean Transformation (new)
  • Ownership Transition and Management Succession (new)
  • Contract Delivery Methods (new)

Advanced Project Managers Institute

SMACNA’s popular education program, the Project Managers Institute continues to sell out each year. Many attendees with five or more years’ experience have requested a program to cover more advanced topics. A level-two follow-up program will be developed.

Social Media

The Higher Logic Community Suite will expand members’ online experience to include discussion forums, resource libraries, directories, a wiki glossary, advanced search function, a mentor match, and a speakers’ bureau. It will improve SMACNA’s online Member Directory and offer a significantly more user-friendly interface.

Market Sectors

A Residential Customer Service White Paper will serve as a companion piece to SMACNA’s recently released “Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Manual.” It will provide details and examples of the work practices and procedures that successful customer service departments should implement.

A Virtual Design Architectural White Paper will explore the benefits of using virtual design in the architectural sheet metal market and the advantages of having the architectural metals fabricator engaged with the design team through a design-assist/design-build relationship early in the project development.

The “SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor Units” book is a cloud-based change-order program slated for release in the first quarter of 2017.

State Issues Legislative Tracking Service

This service will enable chapters to stay apprised of the status of state and local issues in their areas so they may intervene in a timely manner on their members’ behalf.

SMACNA’s Board of Directors met in January and approved an expense-operating budget of $11,435,478 for 2017.