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Meet the Board: John Raught of Beaver, Pa.

Mar 7, 2017

John RaughtNew SMACNA Board member John Raught, vice president and treasurer of Northstar Environmental Ltd., Beaver, Pa., has been active in business and industry issues throughout his career. He was elected to a four-year term on SMACNA’s Board of Directors at the close of SMACNA’s 73rd Annual Convention in October.

From his favorite new technology to his favored sports teams, we asked him to share his words of wisdom about life, business, and advice he would pass on to others.

The new technology I'm most excited about: I envision the day when we will be able to simply project images such as drawings and the need for paper will finally vanish. The power and clarity of some handheld projectors is amazing, and I think it will be incorporated directly into smartphones in the-not-too distant future. John and Barbara Raught

The business tool I can't live without: The iPhone is a remarkable tool and there are times when I can’t even remember how we went about jobsite communication without one. The ability to instantly share information, not only with employees but also customers and suppliers, is indispensable.

My outside interests: I like to golf and travel, and the two sure go great together.  

My favorite motto: “Ten minutes early is on time.”

The sports teams I cheer: Here in Pittsburgh it’s all about the Steelers and I have season tickets, after waiting 20 years to get them. I do follow the Pirates and Penguins and also Pitt Athletics, as both of my sons graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

What makes me mad at work: Mistakes, either my own or others.

My first car: A 1955 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday. I was only 14 and it required a lot of bodywork, but that thing ran like a champ. 

Through his longtime local chapter and national involvement, Mr. Raught has helped the industry and contractors through his efforts in the many roles he has played.

On the national level, he currently serves on the National Energy Management Institute Trustees. In addition, he has served on SMACNA’s Director Nominating Committee, the NEMI/NEMIC International Certification Board, the HVAC Systems Commissioning Committee, and the HVAC Systems Commissioning Task Force.

Locally, he played a leadership role for the SMACNA of Western Pennsylvania chapter, serving as president, vice president, and board member. He served as co-chair of the Labor Management Cooperation Fund, Journeyman Apprentice Training Fund, and the Joint Adjustment Board. He served as chair of the Apprenticeship Committee and played a pivotal role on the Eastern Regional Apprenticeship Conference Committee.

Mr. Raught has been a member of the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB) since its inception.

He entered the industry as a balancing apprentice in 1985 and is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. Active in his community, he is a member and donor of the Fort MacIntosh Foundation.

Founded in 1995, Northstar Environmental Ltd. delivers testing, adjusting and balancing services. Customers include mechanical, general, electrical, and controls contactors, as well as engineering and architectural firms, developers, and building owners. With the expertise for any type of facility, each project is treated with the same level of attention to ensure a completely functional system, as the design intended.

Photo caption:
John and Barbara Raught