Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


2017 Bargainers’ Update

Mar 16, 2017

SMACNA’s Labor Relations Department has continually stressed that successful negotiation of a local labor agreement requires solid preparation and the gathering of relevant data to support management proposals. To assist in that regard, we are pleased to provide you with the 2017 Bargainers' Update (formally the Bargainers' Mailing) which provides timely information to facilitate your bargaining preparation.

We have gathered key information including a summary of the 2016 sheet metal settlements and the updated Wage and Fringe Manual. In addition, we have included cost projections for health care plan increases in 2017 and information from the National Pension Plan. The 2017 Bargainers' Update also includes the most recent SFUA with a summary of the changes, along with information on additional issues which could surface at the bargaining table this year. Finally, the update provides information on FMCS services and reporting requirements.

The 2017 Bargainers' Update is divided into six main categories as follows:

Basic Information
Potential Issues
National Funds
Industry Funds
Federal Mediators

We hope the 2017 Bargainers' Update proves useful in negotiating your next collective bargaining agreement. Please contact SMACNA’s Labor Relations Department with any questions you may have regarding these materials or other issues which may arise during your negotiations.