Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


2017 Mid-Year Report: SMACNA Working for You

Jul 6, 2017

This special Mid-Year Report features what SMACNA has achieved as well as the valuable array of products and services developed especially for our members. 

Technical Services and Research

“Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual”

Published the completely revised ANSI accredited “Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual,” 2nd edition, 2016, which incorporates significant updates on materials and underground construction as the marketplace expands for fiberglass reinforced pipe.  

SMACNA Technical University

SMACNA technical staff conducted the well-received SMACNA Technical University at multiple SMACNA Chapters teaching the use and application of SMACNA’s HVAC Duct Construction Manual, Fire Damper Manual, Duct Leakage Manual and both the Round and Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards

“Round Industrial Duct Construction Manual”

Released the updated ANSI-accredited “Round Industrial Duct Construction Manual,” 3rd edition, 2013, that includes elevated temperature tables, aluminum and aluminized steel tables along with general revisions to the manual.

Architectural Sheet Metal Test Report

Published the revised Architectural Sheet Metal Test Report for copings/fascia to show compliance with the current edition of SPRI ES-1, as required by the 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Building Code. 

Architectural Downspout/Gutter Sizing Calculator App

The latest app for architectural sheet metal members to calculate proper rainfall sizing of downspouts/gutters is now available on SMACNA's Technical Resources section on the Tools, CAD, and Apps webpage. The app sizes are based on the SMACNA “Architectural Sheet Metal Manual” and the model plumbing codes. 

Market Sector Councils

Market Sector Forums

Developed tour timely, informative Market Sector Council forums in the architectural, HVAC, industrial, and residential markets for this year’s annual convention. Topics include virtual design in architectural work, the qualities general contractors look for when collaborating with HVAC trade contractors, industrial training and resources, and profit strategies for residential contractors. 

Joint Committee Meetings with SMART International

The Industrial Contractors Council Steering Committee and the Architectural Sheet Metal Council Steering Committee held very productive joint meetings with SMART International’s industrial and architectural committees. They are working together to discuss common areas of interest, including identifying collaborative programs to gain market share in these industry sectors. SMACNA and SMART representatives have continued the dialog with helpful follow-up meetings. 

New SMACNA Federal Contracting Webpage

With the Trump administration’s promise to increase investment in infrastructure and more federal building construction anticipated, the HVAC Contractors Council Steering Committee is developing a new Federal Contracting webpage dedicated to federal procurement and contracting. Watch for it on the SMACNA HVAC Council webpage soon.  

New “Residential Customer Service Strategy Program” 

A customer service program for residential and light commercial contractors is under development. This new program will feature the steps and procedures required to develop, implement, and maintain a customer service strategy for residential and light commercial firms. The publication will address choosing and understanding your customer base, the “life cycle” of the customer experience, and the role of all employees in successful customer service.  Anticipated publication date is summer 2017. 

New White Paper on Virtual Design in the Architectural Metals Sector 

Planning construction in a digital environment is about as obvious a move as a company can make to improve the bottom line and broaden market share; doing it with others is trickier. The world is moving toward collaborative digital definition for several reasons: speed of execution, effective risk management, and even environmental implications. SMACNA’s Architectural Sheet Metal Contractors Council Steering Committee is developing a white paper on virtual design to inform and educate members of the advantages of collaborative engagement in virtual design. 

Architectural Sheet Metal Newsletter

The latest edition of Architectural Sheet Metal highlighted the outstanding architectural work of SMACNA contractors including installing a curved façade on the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, on a dramatic steel lattice project that brought an ordinary building to life, the 2017 Architectural Sheet Metal Contractors Forum on getting out in front of virtual design, and creating a sleek new entry design for a global internet company. Read the latest Architectural Sheet Metal Newsletter.  

HVAC Systems Expertise Newsletter

This recent HVAC newsletter featured articles on how one SMACNA contractor did some "sweet" metal contracting for the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, how work in a sheet metal shop should flow, the latest lean construction methods, and how a SMACNA contractor helped schools tap into Mother Earth to heat and cool their classrooms. Read the latest issue of HVAC Systems Expertise.  

Industrial Insights Newsletter

The upcoming edition of SMACNA’s Industrial Insights newsletter includes articles on a transportation hub in British Columbia, energy efficiency program case studies, and the EPA’s energy program budget cuts. It covers the upcoming 2017 Industrial Contractors Forum highlighting a variety of timely industrial topics including the iTi’s training programs, key technical resources from SMACNA’s Technical Resources Department, and an open forum discussion on opportunities in today's Industrial market. Publication is planned for summer 2017. 

Residential Report Newsletter

The upcoming Residential Report newsletter will feature articles on energy efficiency, extended warranties, a new white paper on customer service, and more. It will also highlight the upcoming Residential Contractors Forum on “Profit Strategies for a Successful Future.” Publication is slated for summer 2017. 

Safety and Health Services

Two Safety Sessions Planned for Annual Convention

SMACNA’s 74th Annual Convention will feature two sessions on occupational safety and health. “Emerging Trends in Occupational Safety and Health” will address areas of concern such as welding, fall protection, safety cultures, and more. “The Challenging ‘Health’ Side of Safety and Health” will discuss such common occupational illnesses affecting the sheet metal industry as chemical overexposure, ergonomics, and hearing loss. The instructor for both sessions has more than 35 years of experience in the safety and health field and is qualified and prepared to answer all questions from attendees.

Updated “Personal Protective Equipment” Model Program

SMACNA’s Safety Department began to revise and update this important SMACNA model program for personal protective equipment (PPE). Since cuts and eye injuries are two of the most common injuries in the sheet metal industry, SMACNA’s Safety Committee recommended emphasizing the need for contractors to pay attention to PPE issues. The revised manual will address proper use and inspection of common tools and equipment, a glove selection flowchart, new technology in PPE, and several job hazard analyses (JHAs). The publication date for the revised model program is summer 2017. 

SMACNA's 2017 Safety Excellence Awards Program

SMACNA’s 2017 Safety Excellence Awards Program (SSEAP) recognized SMACNA members’ outstanding safety programs in seven different man-hour categories. The SSEAP provides SMACNA with valuable information about members’ safety and health programs and gives valuable safety feedback to contractors. In addition, SMACNA conducted the second year of the Canadian Safety Excellence Awards Program to recognize safety excellence on the part of SMACNA’s Canadian members. 

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

SMACNA recently joined the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP), a group of key industry organizations committed to promoting the safety and well-being of construction’s most important asset—its people. The Alliance was established by the Construction Financial Management Association in response to a 2016 CDC report. SMACNA is committed to providing members with communications and resources that can help remove the stigma attached to mental health and suicide. 

Business Management and Education Services 

Business Management University 

Business Management University (BMU) was held in February. The sold-out program provided an in-depth study of the practical business practices in running a successful sheet metal company. Program sessions included financial management, strategic planning, contractor survival skills, negotiation, surety and bonding, leadership and productivity. The program featured workshops, hands-on participatory sessions, and case studies, along with idea-sharing and networking opportunities. 

Supervisor Training Academy 

This dynamic program held in March turned both new supervisors and those with several years of experience into high-performing supervisors. The curriculum covered leadership, productivity, time management, industry trends, communications, and includes several team-building exercises.  

Project Managers Institute 

This popular program, sold out again this year, builds upon existing project management skills and strengthens proficiency. Topics covered include strengthening project managers’ skills in communication, planning, leadership, and business. Because it is so popular, a second Project Managers Institute has been scheduled for September. 

Financial Boot Camp

This sold-out program held in May covered in-depth financial management issues, how to interpret financial statements, how to calculate financial ratios, working with credit, developing cash-flow projections, understanding equipment acquisition and leasing, and using financial information for strategic and business planning.  

Contractor Operations Manual

The Contractor Operations Manual Task Force is working to revise existing manuals and develop new manuals for the “Contractor Operations Manual.” Updated and completed new manuals for 2017 include SMACNA’s new “Guideline to Information Technology,” the updated and retitled “Materials and Inventory Management,” and the updated “Principles of Job Costing.” 

Chapter Executives’ Institute 

Held in January, SMACNA’s chapter executives attended CEI to advance their chapter management, professionalism, and information exchange. This program featured presentations, discussions, local chapter reports, an update on SMACNA’s projects and events, and a convention overview. 

Labor Relations Services

“Guide to SMACNA National Labor Relations Services, Practices and Objectives”

Intended to provide an overview of the objectives of SMACNA National’s Labor Relations Policy in serving our members, the guide also provides comprehensive information on programs and services available to assist our chapters and members in achieving peaceful and productive labor-management relations. 

Wage Equalization Discussions

Continued to represent contractor interests in on-going discussions with SMART International on wage equalization requirements for material fabricated in the jurisdiction of one collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and then installed in the jurisdiction of another CBA. 

Consultation Services for Members

SMACNA’s Labor Relations Department responds to an average of 325 to 350 inquiries from SMACNA chapter executives and members each month. They involve discussions about legal issues, local contract and SFUA interpretation, bargaining strategy, wage equalization, NJAB preparation, LJAB guidance, employment share data, local and national trust fund/ERISA issues, and local settlements. In addition, SMACNA’s Labor Relations staff held an in-person meeting with local chapters to assist them with improving their local labor relations.   

Collective Bargaining Orientation

This intensive bargaining session took place Feb. 23, 2017, in Dallas and provided bargainers with the legal framework for bargaining, how to prepare for bargaining, and how to avoid common pitfalls, as well as the latest trends and laws impacting collective bargaining agreements and fringe benefit funds. 

Trustee Conference Calls and Trustee Advisor Blog 

In addition to these informative conference calls, five detailed Trustee Advisor Blogs were posted, which focused on selection of apprentices by the JATC, recommendations on insurance coverage, and improving participant communication. 

Legislative Affairs Services

2017 CEA National Issues Conference 

SMACNA was a prominent co-sponsor of another news-making event to enhance public support for multiemployer composite plans, procurement revisions, infrastructure, tax reforms, and energy efficiency policy. The 2017 Construction Employers of America (CEA) National Issues Conference in Washington, D.C., included presentations by key Congressional and labor leaders, noted policy experts and Capitol Hill staff. SMACNA members then brought their concerns to their lawmakers in approximately 200 visits on Capitol Hill.

Multiemployer Pension Composite Plans Championed 

At the annual legislative conference SMACNA members helped bring life back to the effort to secure legislative action on Composite Plan design for multiemployer plans. Efforts in the 115th Congress had largely dragged, with Hill offices saying they did not expect action any time soon.  Now, credible bill sponsors are in sight and a joint labor-management effort is underway with SMACNA and its members playing a key role in the effort. SMACNA is actively participating in coalition at the highest level with the National Coordinating Committee on Multiemployer Plans and with the Building Trades to move legislation forward.     

2017 CEA National Issues Conference 

SMACNA was a prominent co-sponsor of another news-making event to enhance public support for multiemployer composite plans, procurement revisions, infrastructure, tax reforms, and energy efficiency policy. The 2017 Construction Employers of America (CEA) National Issues Conference in Washington, D.C., included presentations by key Congressional and labor leaders, noted policy experts and Capitol Hill staff. SMACNA members then brought their concerns to their lawmakers in approximately 200 visits on Capitol Hill. 

Supporting Tax Reform with Incentives to Stimulate HVAC Markets

SMACNA joined with numerous coalitions and industry allies in the HVAC industry to help pass both comprehensive tax reform and tax extenders legislation through the 115th Congress. Expanding IRS Section 179D to include more generous tax incentives would boost HVAC retrofits of commercial buildings. Advocating shorter mechanical equipment depreciation periods and increased incentives for full building retrofits would represent a major modification to current tax incentives in the IRS Code. SMACNA is making the case for lower tax rates while retaining targeted incentives vital to construction markets and building activity. 

Advancing National Energy Efficiency 

After nearly a decade battling gridlock, SMACNA continues working to pass a major energy package in both the House and Senate with residential, commercial, industrial, and public energy efficiency provisions to stimulate construction activity. The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2017 (H.R. 1443 / S. 385), passed from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and awaits Senate passage with House passage probable this year. The legislation represents significant advances long supported by SMACNA and energy efficiency leaders.  

Contacting Your Legislators Simplified in 2017 

SMACNA’s Capitol Hill office further simplified the issue advocacy program and webpage so all SMACNA members can locate their legislators and contact them both in Washington, D.C. and in their home districts. Both sample letters as well as information on important issues to help members write their messages are featured on the advocacy webpage. The system promotes user friendly electronically delivered “Legislative Action Alerts” to SMACNA members at critical times in the legislative process. Learn more and contact your legislators at

SMAC PAC Candidate Contributions 

SMAC PAC made over $353,000 in contributions for the 2015-2016 election cycle to 77 candidates in 27 states and is on track to do the same for the 2017 and 2018 election cycles because of strong support from SMACNA members.