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Chapter in the News: Ohio lawmakers learn how energy efficiency creates jobs

Sep 12, 2017

Cleveland JATC shop tour_1A bipartisan group of Ohio legislators recently learned firsthand how energy efficiency programs support good jobs at the SMART Local 33 Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The SMACNA-Cleveland chapter and the SMART Local 33 hosted more than 60 state legislators and business leaders for a panel discussion and a training facility tour. The event highlighted the benefits of energy efficiency for the state’s economy, including the creation of well-paying jobs.

Elected officials toured the training center, one of five training facilities nationwide devoted primarily to energy efficiency, where apprentices receive hands-on training to learn the skills for energy efficiency careers in northeast Ohio. 

The SMACNA-Cleveland chapter including members Tom Martin, president of T.H. Martin, John Sickle Jr., president of Duct Fabricators Inc., and John Sindyla, CEO of SMACNA Cleveland, along with the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency and the Ohio Environmental Council sponsored the event.

Cleveland JATC shop tour_2“We always have to stay on the leading edge to embrace energy efficiency, so we don’t lose that market,” noted John Sickle of the specialized training facility.

"To stay competitive, we have to keep up with new energy efficiency technology so we can offer our customers the latest options to improve comfort, efficiency, and save money," said Tom Martin, president of the SMACNA-Cleveland chapter and president of T.H. Martin.

“With more than 78,000 Ohioans working in the growing energy efficiency sector, the numbers speak for themselves,” said Mike Coleman, president of SMART Local 33. “Investments in energy efficiency support good, local jobs that can’t be outsourced, while helping businesses save money.”