Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Discover the science of profitable project selection

Oct 10, 2017

The surest way to increase profitability is to screen out losing projects. 

Construction expert Thomas C. Schleifer, Ph.D., notes that the “go-no-go” decisions about which projects to pursue are more critical for long-term profitability than ever and, perhaps more important, knowing which to walk away from. 

A program to accomplish this has just been developed: the Project Selection Tool. The research that gave the construction industry the concepts of “The Contractor of the Future" and "Flexible Overhead” has advanced the science of project selection with the development of this tool. 

In this session, "The Science of Project Selection: Choosing Profitable Work," during SMACNA’s annual convention in Maui, management consultant and research professor, Dr. Schleifer will demonstrate that the success of a project is directly associated with the organization’s experience with similar work. 

Participants will learn which aspects of a project most influence anticipated performances and exactly how to measure the impact of each. The Project Selection Tool provides a measurement of potential success at the project selection stage based on what is known—or not known—about the potential job and how well the project matches the firm’s experience. 

Dr. Schleifer brings more than 45 years of contracting and consulting experience to his presentation. This combination of practical, hands-on experience as a contractor and assisting financially distressed companies has given him a unique perspective on the causes of business failure and how to avoid them. 

SMACNA’s 74th Annual Convention takes place at the Grand Wailea and Wailea Beach Resort-Marriott Maui on Oct. 22-25. Find out more on SMACNA’s Annual Convention webpage.