Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Quotable quotes: Insights from the convention

Nov 20, 2017

Participants brought back these nuggets of wisdom from the 74th Annual Convention in Maui. Think about putting them to work in your company to boost your business. 

A39A6926"Mentors give you perspective, whereas sponsors give you opportunities." — Jo Miller (on attracting the attention of influential sponsors) 

“Your marketing begins with your truck. Your truck needs to be a color that people notice.” —  Dr. Kerry Webb (on profit strategies and “sticky marketing") 

A39A6764"Ultimately growth is about preparing your machine to get to the next level.” — DeWayne Ables (on building the business) 

"Being out of your comfort zone is a healthy thing. Being stretched is a good thing. When you get stretched it can fuel you. And that's where the growth occurs." — Michael Magnum (on effective use of board of directors) 

A39A6768"Qualifying project risk is directly associated with a firm's experience with similar work. In any project there are ways to measure the risk." — Dr. Thomas Schleifer (on project selection) 

"If I had taken you to the company on the day before the fraud was uncovered, the fraudster would be in the top three most trusted employees. Every single time. No exceptions." — Tiffany Couch (on finding the thief in your company) A39A5236

"What if we started investing in young employees the first or second year they were in the business?" — Nic Bittle (on the Six Million Dollar Foreman) 

"How do we create an environment where our supervisors call us and say, 'We’ve got a person ready to take on more responsibility?'' — Nic Bittle (on the Six Million Dollar Foreman) 

"Put your photos on a server so you can find them when you need them.” — Rob McKinney (on apps for construction) 

“Have sustainable, trainable business strategies that allow us to sustain our quality. Be measurable. Every single individual should know what they are accountable for." — DeWayne Ables (on building the business) 

A39A5271"What would be possible if we all worked together and all pulled on the same end of the rope?" — Nic Bittle (on the Six Million Dollar Foreman)  

"Wellness is not a goal, it’s a feeling inside you. When you change your breath, you can make a change in your life. It’s not about doing more, it’s about taking a deep breath." — Emily Boll (on living a fulfilled life)