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Being responsive to members’ needs - An interview with Trenton Yarbrough of Titus

Feb 26, 2018

titus_logoAn innovator in the science of air distribution, SMACNA Premier Partner Titus develops smart technology products that use natural resources.

Founded in 1946 in Plano, Texas, Titus focuses on creating technologically advanced air management products in response to customer requirements. Their products include diffusers, registers, displacement ventilation systems, chilled beams, and underfloor systems.

We asked Titus’s National Sales Manager, Trenton Yarbrough, how they can help SMACNA members raise the bar, be more competitive, and solve their challenges. 

What challenges can you help SMACNA members solve?  

Titus’s product innovations are quicker to install and require little to no maintenance, saving contractors time and money. 

We create energy harvesting products, which equate to quicker install times and little or no serviceability.

Our latest innovations are powered by ambient light. There are no batteries, no wires, and no electrical to run. It is self-sufficient and a quicker installation. Also, with products targeted to specific markets, such as institutional or school work, their retrofits and direct replacements require no maintenance.

What separates you from the competition?   

Well, that answer is pretty simple. Our innovative products are designed specifically for contractors.

Our strength is collaboration as well. We provide options to include features that contractors would like to see in our products. They would be surprised at how quickly we can implement these changes. 

What products and services can help SMACNA contractors?   

We are the premier innovator in our industry. We have an array of products that focus on all SMACNA’s market sectors. And our products can be installed more quickly and require less maintenance. That is what separates us—we have products that no one else has. 

Our Eos diffuser wakes up every two minutes to check the temperature of the air coming in. If it is hot or cool, it will respond. It does it all without a thermostat, without any batteries, without any wires. 

How can you help SMACNA members be more competitive?   

Titus is developing new ways to attract young people to the industry. 

Our digital outreach has been successful in attracting labor to the trades. We bring a lot to the table in terms of appealing to millennials in making HVAC and ductwork appealing. We know how to integrate technology to grasp their attention that way. 

Also, from participating in training and sharing some of our expertise or donating equipment to help them work on a project, we can completely meet our members’ needs.

What is your best advice to SMACNA contractors?

Don’t be afraid to take a look at what we can do to help you every day. We have products that can help you get off the job quicker. We make quick installation possible. We focus on products that can be installed without tools and products that don’t require maintenance.