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President’s Column – SMACNA’s new Leadership Development Program: A wise investment for your future

Feb 26, 2018

Jack Knox 225x293pxAs a fourth-generation contractor, I understand firsthand the unique challenges SMACNA members face in preparing future leaders of their companies. Finding the right talent and molding them into leaders to ensure that a company thrives can be a daunting challenge. 

In response to this critical need, SMACNA is introducing a custom designed, four-day Leadership Development Program that will offer the guidance and insight necessary to help future leaders grow and mature through this complex process. 

SMACNA’s Board of Directors recently met and enthusiastically endorsed this unique leadership development opportunity, praising its approach and applicability to SMACNA members. 

SMACNA has been working with the highly respected professors at the University of North Carolina’s Kenyan-Flagler Business School to craft a program that develops raw talent into a seasoned professional. The first program is slated for May 21-24 in Chapel Hill, N.C

High-potential individuals with a minimum of five to seven years of leadership or management experience, and who have demonstrated talent for future leadership roles, will find this program immensely rewarding.

This dynamic program will enable your firm and your leadership personnel to attract and retain high-level talent; understand leadership styles and adjust them to match job requirements; gain proven techniques to aid with generational struggles; and to understand how to prevent inadvertently creating roadblocks and the resulting unintended consequences that can occur.

SMACNA’s new Leadership Development Program is a wise investment for any contracting firm. You and your entire company will benefit from the new ideas, structured action plans, and the professional coaching and mentoring you require.

Developing future leaders is an important investment in any firm’s future and SMACNA contractors shouldn’t leave it to happenstance. SMACNA’s new Leadership Development Program will guide your most talented people through this process and help you prepare your firm for future success.


Jack Knox
SMACNA President