Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Angie Simon on Women in Construction Week

Mar 8, 2018

Simon-143x200I am a woman and I love the HVAC industry for all the same reasons men do! It is dynamic, always exciting and very rewarding. This ever-changing landscape has made my 30-plus years in this industry pass by in a flash.

This week we celebrate national “Women in Construction Week.” There is no better time to join me in sharing your enthusiasm and encouragement with young women in the construction industry, and whom you think might enjoy a career in the HVAC Business.

As you are aware, there are too few women involved in sheet metal today. This industry has traditionally remained a “Man’s World,” but while women slowly enter the field, there are important industry recruitment shortages that are making it imperative to accelerate this trend. National SMACNA alongside SMART, are working together to bring more women into both the management and field ranks, but we need your contribution and open-mindedness to accelerate these efforts.

Women make up less than 13% of construction employees with less than 2% being onsite field workers. But in sheet metal it is even lower – less than 4% overall and 1% in the field. We are an industry suffering from a skills shortage and yet we are not making our industry as attractive as possible to the entire population. We have a long journey ahead of us, but now is the time to celebrate “Women in Construction Week” by reaching out with a supportive message to any women you know in the industry, or are considering a career in sheet metal.