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Providing solutions to increase productivity

Apr 2, 2018

An interview with Mike Bailey of Mestek Machinery

mestekmachinerySMACNA’s Premier Partner Mestek Machinery has been creating innovative solutions in sheet metal and duct fabrication for more than 70 years. Mestek Machinery provides a full line of HVAC fabricating equipment, including the Pittsburgh lock rollformer, Iowa Precision Industries formerly known as Welty Way coil lines, Lockformer Vulcan Plasma cutting systems, Cornermatic-Whisper-Loc machines, and numerous other auxiliary equipment and solutions for the HVAC mechanical and sheet metal contractors and duct fabricators.

Mestek Machinery’s family of companies began with The Lockformer Company, which was introduced in 1938. Based in Westfield, Mass., Mestek has grown to include Iowa Precision, Engel Industries, ISM by Lockformer, and Roto Die, along with other brands. Mestek Machinery has four main plants across the country to address nearly every aspect of the HVAC metal fabricating industry.

We asked Mestek Vice President of Sales Mike Bailey how they can help SMACNA members solve their problems, be more competitive, and up their game.

What challenges can you help SMACNA members solve? 

We’re solutions and systems providers. We offer contractors assistance to increase their productivity and reduce labor. We design and produce ductwork equipment that improves their productivity—which means a greater output.

When creating round or square ductwork, for instance, we have software and hardware that helps us design engineer it, draw it, manufacture it, and then deliver it to the field for installation. And all of that is very tightly coordinated with the building owner, the general contractor, and the trades.

What separates you from the competition?  We provide complete solutions—not just a solution. We are the innovators of the industry. We are constantly coming out with new tools and new technologies, so contractors can gain productivity and meet on-time schedules.

How can you help SMACNA members be more competitive?

We have multiple brands and hundreds of machines we provide to our customers. In the contractor market we offer cutting tables, plasma and laser cutting systems, complete coil lines, spiral machines, and auxiliary equipment like fitting producers and rollformers.

A big segment that connects all our equipment is the software we supply as well. We have CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), and estimating software, which help contractors design, engineer, draw up, and manufacture their ductwork.

It’s all about productivity. It’s the gains in productivity our customers receive by having this technology. They can do their work quicker, faster, and with better coordination.

What is your best advice to SMACNA contractors? Investigate, be curious. Go out there and discover and understand what’s available to you. So many contractors don’t realize the opportunities that technology can provide them from so many different angles. There’s a whole world out there that contractors would benefit from learning more about. Investigate and be curious.