Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Using Design to Eliminate Injuries Before They Occur

Jun 7, 2018

PTD x212One of the best ways to prevent and control occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities is to minimize hazards and risks in the design stage of a building’s life cycle. SMACNA is involved in the national initiative, Prevention through Design (PtD), that promotes eliminating hazards and controlling risks to workers “at the source” or through design.

Recently, SMACNA’s director of market sectors and safety, Mike McCullion, addressed the need for the design community to implement PtD concepts in building construction during a panel discussion at the 2018 American Society of Safety Professionals Professional Development Conference.

He emphasized the importance of the design community including PtD concepts in beginning stages of building construction to reduce and prevent occupational hazards and injuries to workers as well as everyone involved in the building process.

In addition, Mr. McCullion recently was involved in preparing a technical report entitled “Prevention through Design – A Life Cycle Approach to Safety and Health in the Construction Industry.” Due for publication in June 2018, the paper focuses on identifying safety and health issues from the design stage of the building through demolition or decommissioning. The report is a product of the ASSE-ANSI A10 Accredited Standards Committee for Construction and Demolition Standards of which SMACNA is an active member.

SMACNA director of market sectors and safety, Mike McCullion, represents SMACNA on this committee along with other employer organizations. For further information on Prevention through Design, contact Mike McCullion at 703-995-4027 or