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Protect Your Workers in Hot Weather—Get SMACNA’s Heat Stress Cards

Jun 13, 2018


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With the hot summer months and longer work days, SMACNA contractors are urged to provide workers with information and training on the real health hazards of working in hot environments. SMACNA offers a free Heat Stress and Heat Illness Tip Card that can supplement employee training on the hazards of heat exposure.

Overexposure to heat causes heat stress, which can lead to the serious illness, heat exhaustion, and to the even more serious, heat stroke. Heat stroke, if not treated immediately, can lead to death.

The key to preventing excessive heat stress is to educate supervisors and workers about the hazards of working in heat, along with the benefits of putting proper controls and work practices into effect.

For more information, or to order heat stress cards, email Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s director of market sectors and safety,

In addition, visit OSHA’s comprehensive website on preventing heat-related injuries and illnesses. Using the theme of “Water-Rest-Shade,” the OSHA website, includes education and media resources as well as helpful training tips.