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SMACNA Member Serious About Saving Energy

Jul 4, 2018


AIE-CaseStudy-ArcelorMittal_x250Steel manufacturing is a highly competitive and energy-intensive business, which is why SMACNA member ArcelorMittal has to save energy to set it apart and protect its bottom line.

“If you are going to survive in a very competitive industry, you need to control your costs, and energy is one of those costs you can control,” said Larry Fabina, manager of continuous improvement for ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal was recently recognized for its efforts in saving energy by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, a growing coalition of organizations intent upon increasing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through industrial energy efficiency.

ArcelorMittal’s success can be attributed to several factors: first, its public commitment to save energy; second, its strong partnerships with local utilities and federal agencies; and third, its motivated and empowered staff.

Learn more about how ArcelorMittal goes about making a difference by continually improving and reducing costs through energy savings.