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Jobsite Recovery from Storms like Florence

Sep 13, 2018


Florance hurricane

With hurricane season at its peak, no jobsite can be considered “smart” if it’s not diligently and intelligently preparing for safety in the event of a major storm or national disaster.

SMACNA encourages members to use the resources offered during National Preparedness Month, as an opportunity to prepare themselves, their families, and workplaces in advance for a crisis or disaster.

September 15 is National Take Action Day where companies are urged to think about the disasters that could occur and take action to increase their preparedness. An entire organization should be involved in preparing for and recovering from disasters.

Follow these steps to be prepared in the event of an unexpected disaster:

  • Sign up for mobile alerts and warnings.
  • Establish a communication plan with all trade partners, property owners, and local agencies.
  • Stay up to date on FEMA announcements.
  • Prepare the jobsite by identifying and properly securing any hazardous object that could become airborne.
  • Get “first responder” clearance for a particular jobsite.
  • Create a clean-up strategy identifying whom should be responsible for reviewing the site after the storm passes.

Hurricanes and disasters are unpredictable. Planning is everything when construction professionals are dealing with the unpredictable. Read more...