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FMI Study - Big Data Helps Firms Succeed

Nov 15, 2018

FMI_BigDataReport_13 percent 275x113Big data presents unique challenges for the engineering and construction (E&C) industry, and many organizations are either unprepared for or are overwhelmed by the magnitude of information. Understanding which data can be useful and how it translates into business intelligence, for example, requires strategic planning and a clear understanding of the organization’s overall goals and vision.

According to cloud software provider SAS, “While the value of data has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years—and business users recognize it—few companies have adjusted their approaches to capturing, sharing, and managing corporate data assets. Organizations need to create data strategies that match today’s realities. To build such a comprehensive data strategy, they need to account for current business and technology commitments while also addressing new goals and objectives.”

In this white paper by FMI, some of the most challenging aspects of big data usage for E&C firms are analyzed. It covers the business opportunities that occur when big data and analytics are properly implemented and shows the long-term power when a construction firm uses big data as a business tool. Read more...