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Federal Apprenticeship Rule Starts in January

Dec 20, 2018


Discrimination Law Concept-522372022 300x241In an attempt to reach a larger and more diverse pool of apprenticeship candidates, in 2016 the United States Department of Labor (DOL) issued updated regulations placing certain obligations on apprenticeship program sponsors to take affirmative action concerning registered apprenticeship programs.

These updated regulations were phased in over two years beginning in January 2017, with the final provisions scheduled to go into effect next month, on Jan. 18, 2019. The updated regulations primarily apply to organizations that administer apprenticeship training programs, known as program “sponsors.” However, the regulations place some burdens on employers who employ apprentices through registered apprenticeship programs as well.

Employers who employ apprentices may find their local joint apprentice training center (JATC) asking them to do things that allow the JATC to continue to meet its obligations under the new regulations.  Chief among those is that the JATC should be sure that employees who regularly work with apprentices receive anti-harassment training.  For more information on the JATC’s obligations under this regulation, please see the Trustee Blog “Federal Apprenticeship Rule Takes Effect in January.” Learn more...