Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMACNA Offers New Edition to Contractors Manual

Jan 3, 2019


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How does a contracting company adapt to all the changes taking place today while remaining a successful operation? Transforming Your Organization for the Future, the latest addition to SMACNA’s Contractors Operations Manual,  will help guide you through strategic planning and how to adjust your strategies for success. Transforming Your Organization for the Future takes a serious look at why lean transformation using a “kitting strategy” is a possible long-term strategic solution to manpower shortages, pricing pressure, and schedule compression.

The goal of a lean transformation is to optimize efficiency and productivity using a “kitting strategy” so workers can do what they love—installing work – instead of looking through boxes for tools. The early adopters of this approach have experienced cost savings, labor productivity, increased manufacturing, reduced install times, less field manpower, material savings, improved safety, improved quality, schedule reduction, customer satisfaction, business growth, and opportunity.

Transforming Your Organization for the Future is free to members, and explains in detail this concept that has been used successfully in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, train systems, and many other industries.

SMACNA’s Contractor Operations Manual covers the nonfinancial aspects of operating a contracting business, and all of its books are available free to SMACNA members only. The collection of books currently in the Contractor Operations Manual include:

  • Transforming Your Organization for the Future
  • Construction Contracts: Alternative Delivery Methods
  • Establishing Overhead and Burden in a Sheet Metal Business
  • Guideline to Information Technology
  • Management Succession Manual
  • Materials and Inventory Management
  • Principles of Job Costing
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures