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SMACNA’s 2019 Annual Convention Spouse Speaker Heather Land

May 30, 2019

Heather Land 396x600Taking place from October 20 - 23, the 2019 SMACNA Annual Convention will be the grand finale of SMACNA’s 75th Anniversary. During the morning of Tuesday, October 22, the spouse breakfast speaker will be Heather Land.

Heather Land has the unmistakable comedic ability to combine wit with just the right amount of sarcasm, and then add a whole lot of truth. With a knack for finding the funny out of the frustrating and leaving no stone (or people) left unturned, Heather hilariously unravels everyday events that causes us to laugh not only at each other, but more often than not, ourselves.

What began on a dare to post her private rants for her Facebook friends to enjoy has turned into a viral phenomenon. Since September of 2017, Heather’s “I Ain’t Doin It” videos have garnered over 300 million views and have sparked a demand for Heather Land Live events which has been met with rave reviews. From ex-husbands to failed diets, her ability to deliver consistent comedy in a self-deprecating style has made her adored by millions of people of all ages, but it is Heather’s roots that grow down deep in the soil of her Tennessee home that make her not only relatable, but downright lovable.

Heather Land Photo 1As a writer she has poured her story out in her blog and recently knowing that real life can be real funny. Simply put, this is one entertainer that you won’t want to miss!

With approximately 1,000 SMACNA members, their management teams, chapter executives, and industry partners coming together in Austin, attendees of the 2019 SMACNA Annual Convention will experience world-class speakers, top-notch entertainment, exclusive receptions, numerous networking opportunities, and the vibrant entertainment and culture of Austin, where live music lives and breathes 365 days a year.

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