Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


New Updates to SMACNA Fall Protection Model Program

Aug 14, 2019

Fall Protection-977302934 600x401Recently, SMACNA updated the Fall Protection Model Program. Available for free to SMACNA members, the Program is editable to address specific contract or project requirements. Additionally, now included is new text to address fall rescue, tool tethering, and service work on low sloped (flat) roofs.

Fall Rescue

Procedures for initiating a fall rescue are an important part of a program when working from heights. After a worker falls and is caught by his fall protection harness, the danger is not over. The fallen worker’s blood circulation is restricted, causing a condition known as suspension trauma.

Tool Tethering

Tool tethering addresses the need to protect the people below an elevated work area.  Many new tools have tool tether attachment points, however all tools and equipment used when working from heights should be evaluated for ways to protect them from falling.

Service Work on Low Sloped Roofs

Conducting service work on low sloped roofs is addressed in a recent OSHA regulation on fall protection. As discussed in the Program, the circumstances and requirements allow for levels of fall protection depending on the nature of the work and distance from the roof edge. 

Please view the entire revised Fall Protection Model Program on the SMACNA Safety webpage.

For further information, SMACNA members can contact Mike McCullion, director of market sectors and safety, at 703-995-4027 or