Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Coming Soon: SMACNA Full Member Census

Nov 14, 2019

Census-1166666355-600x471SMACNA is sending out a very important survey that will aggregate industry data and help us talk about our industry in new ways that broader audiences will understand.

Terms like revenue, number of projects, square footage of buildings, and pounds of sheet metal can provide us with effective soundbites that help people, not in the industry, understand the scope and scale of the work we perform.

None of the data we share will be identifiable to a specific company. 

Having industry specific data that applies only to our membership is critical to telling our story effectively. There are too many unique and positive aspects to the work SMACNA Contractors produce that gets diluted when we tap into data from the Dept of Labor or other industry resources.

Please look in your inbox for this Census in the coming days.

We highly encourage all that receive this survey to compete it as soon as possible, as this information is immensely important for SMACNA National to have in order to launch several workforce and advocacy initiatives

If you have any questions about his survey, please contact Jeff Henriksen at