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Relevant & Recent COVID-19 News from SMACNA: Week of June 1st

Jun 4, 2020

COVID-19 Update-1216470339 600x400SMACNA delivers members the latest COVID-19 news, updates, answers to frequently asked questions, and other resources to help contractors run their businesses more effectively.

Below are the five most viewed COVID-19-related posts by your colleagues in SMACNA Connect and Member Update for the week of June 1st:

  1. Mobilizing for Future Asset Management. A robust asset management strategy strengthens all facets of a construction organization.

  2. OSHA Issues Guidance to Help Construction Workers Amid COVID-19. Coronavirus-related guidelines for construction employers and workers.

  3. Copper: A Shining Example of Germ Fighting. Explores the role copper and its alloys play in reducing the transmission of bacteria, viruses, and disease. From the latest issue of SMACNews.

  4. Contracts Bulletin—COVID-19: Increased Construction Costs. Alerts members to payment and retainage issues they need to be especially mindful of before signing any new contracts.

  5. Negative Air Creates Positive Environment for COVID Patients. SMACNA contractors that specialize in negative airflow HVAC system installation and maintenance are in high demand.