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Take Advantage of Your Free SMACNA Library Subscription

Jul 22, 2020

SMACNA Subscriptions Sample 300x171SMACNA Subscription Service allows you to create a custom library by choosing the SMACNA Standards and CAD drawings that are most relevant to your business's needs. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the codes you need, all in one central database.

How It Works

SMACNA member companies receive free access for one simultaneous user to all 37 SMACNA Standards and CAD drawings. That means, at any given time, any employee of a SMACNA member company can access each of the 37 SMACNA Standards, one user at a time. If a member company would like more than one employee to be able to view the same standard at the same time, they can purchase access for concurrent users from the SMACNA Subscription Store.

Other Benefits

SMACNA’s Subscription service is web-based, allowing members access to their library from any device with an internet connection, at any time. That means there are no downloads, no installations and no PDFs. Simply use your desktop, tablet or smartphone web browser to access, view, copy/paste, or print titles and standards that you are subscribed to.

The Details

Your SMACNA Subscription includes access to:

SMACNA Subscriptions 600x336SMACNA subscriptions. A cloud-based reference library

One database, complete access. All SMACNA content in one interconnected library

Enterprise-wide access. Share your custom library with all of your employees in any location

Advanced tools. Search and filter your library to find specific resources.

Access SMACNA codes. Get access anytime, anywhere on any device with internet

Check it out! Visit the Subscription Store. You will be prompted to log in to SMACNA’s website and then redirected to SMACNA Subscriptions.

Additional Resources

Read the SMACNA Subscription FAQs.

View the online Subscription Sevice video tutorial.

Learn more or take a tour here.

Questions? Call 1-800-798-9296 ext. 208, or email