Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Workforce Development: Lead Generation

Sep 17, 2020

Man and Women_Workforce 349x196SMACNA’s workforce development efforts continue to drive interest and raise awareness of our trade. One of the main objectives of our efforts is to use the Ignite Your Career website to connect potential job seekers with SMACNA’s network of chapters and training centers eager to hire for craft and non-craft positions.

Both direct and indirect efforts to raise awareness and drive interest to the Ignite Your Career website have generated over 43,716 total sessions and 350 career-related inquiries so far in Q3 of this year, with new leads coming in each day! As we continue to drive quality leads, it’s important for chapter executives — and then members — to engage with those eager candidates in a timely manner.

So far, we have seen job candidate information shared via emails, a shared document accessible by members, and an application that tracks member contact and progress of an candidate’s application.

To make the most of any inquiry, these three tips will help keep the opportunities alive and the candidates interested.

Track Your Inquiries. Create and maintain a list of all inquiries, using an external workforce tool or Google Doc, to help organize and manage potential leads.

Be Timely. Be prompt in your response. When an inquiry comes through, aim to respond within 24 hours. Being responsive to questions shows your interest in them joining our industry.

Share Potential Leads with All Members. Share your master list of inquiries with your members, and ask them to keep you updated on the candidates’ hiring process. Here are some great examples of quality inquiries that were recently received:

“Due to a drop in the oil field, I am currently unemployed and actively looking. Dependable, organized, self-starter with excellent customer service skills who is able to assess client needs, make timely decisions and provide appropriate follow through.”

“Hi I’m searching for a job and would like to join your union. I have my certifications SST card rigging and more, I’m a very good and hard worker I have tools and a lot of knowledge in construction. Can you let me know how can join and get a job thank you.”

“I am a high school graduate and also a graduate of Lincoln Tech from the trade of welding technology and I’m currently looking for a job or trade training towards an apprenticeship program; and I am very interested to know more information about any opportunities available in the many industry trade apprenticeship programs in the area.”

“Hi, I am currently studying at New School of Architecture and design In San Diego. I have a broadened appreciation for industrial, structural and architectural design. I am looking to further my experience in all fields and hoping to find my that start at SMACNA. I am open to any or all entry level positions that I may be able to contribute to with my educational and extra curricular experience.”

“Hello, for most of my life I have been working in the restaurant industry. Until the Covid shutdown I was the Events Manager for Celebrity Chef David Bouley. I managed private catered events both on and off premises for high end clients and had a team working under me. Due to the shutdown we were forced to close our doors and I have been looking into a career change. I enjoy working on projects and learning new skills and am exploring what is out there. ” 

“Ever since I was in high school I never had the money to go to college all I’ve done since then is work work work and only making 21:45  I’d love to have the opportunity to take things to the next level with whatever it takes with a kid on the way and wanting to buy a house I feel like I can do more for my kid by having a better job thank you for your time on reading this”

As you can see, these people are eager to join our industry and become a part of something special.

For further information on the program process, members and chapter executives are encouraged to reference the Ignite Your Career toolkit