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Get the Most Out of Ignite Your Career with Facebook

Oct 29, 2020

Ignite Your Career Web Photo 280x105With over 20 million adult users in the U.S., Facebook is a strategic and effective tool to drive awareness of the sheet metal industry and target potential candidates with our workforce development messaging.

Launched in February, the Ignite Your Career Facebook page has become a key platform in our external marketing plan to highlight select messages through organic content, feature targeted advertising campaigns and optimize those campaigns through audience insights.

Organic Content

The Ignite Your Career Facebook page includes posts and links to signature projects from SMACNA members, information on both craft and non-craft positions, career spotlights from member companies, information on how to get started in the industry and other industry awareness messages. To submit an idea for a feature, please email Jeff Henriksen, SMACNA’s Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, at

Advertising Campaigns

Facebook advertising campaigns help to attract new followers and drive significant traffic to through a common theme or thread. This could be through a topic or a design element. Ads are set up with eye-catching visuals and engaging copy on a variety of topics, including career paths, apprenticeship benefits and important industry skillsets. These ads are delivered to targeted users with the goal of highlighting various aspects of the industry and are one of the top drivers to the Ignite Your Career website.

Targeted Audiences

Facebook is a powerful tool to strategically target key audiences. Common characteristics used for our workforce development targeting include jobseekers and career changers or those with interests related to the industry, such as metalworking, manufacturing and construction.

Age-based targeting is limited depending on the type of ad copy delivered. For recruitment-based advertising we target age in different ways. Sometimes we use interest categories like entry-level job, internship, apprenticeship or job training to skew younger and combine that with interests that lean toward the construction industry. Based on our extensive research, we are able to match these key demographics with our industry messaging to drive awareness and traffic to our site.

Analyzing Performance

The true power of Facebook is the data provided on the backend, which allows us to view how both organic and ad campaigns are performing daily. Insights — such as impressions, reach and engagement — allow our team to test and optimize our campaign content quickly to improve performance and results. Some of the most successful content this month has been focues on these headlines, which target challenged industries and include interest areas based on our social media research:

  • Build a career in the sheet metal industry and help build healthier, more comfortable environments for clients in healthcare, aviation, hospitality and more!

  • Jumpstart your career in the sheet metal industry, one of the most unique and well-paid trades in the world.

  • Launch your career as an apprentice in the sheet metal industry.

  • Consider pursuing a career in sheet metal where you can apply your creative and artistic skills to reach new heights.

Be sure to like and join us on our Ignite Your Career Facebook page as we continue to drive awareness of our industry.