Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Developing a Website From Scratch

Nov 12, 2020

IYC Nov12 600x348The foundation for any external communications strategy is an informative and robust website.

That’s why SMACNA developed and launched as the main hub for its SMACNA’s workforce development initiative.

Several months of planning went into the development of the site to create a strong online presence that serves to disseminate key industry information, highlight the various career paths and generate enough interest from people to inquire about working in our trade.

Identify the Main Goals

Before any line of code or copy was written, the team at SMACNA started with the end in mind by determining the main goals of the website. Using a combination of surveys and social media research in addition to member input through an advisory board, the team identified the following goals: raising awareness of the sheet metal industry and the value of its professionals to external audiences; educating the public about various career paths in the industry; and driving potential career seekers, both craft and non-craft, to contact our training centers and chapters.

What We Learned

Some of the insights we gathered include the fact that the sheet metal trade is one of the best kept secrets among all the trades in terms of people discussing it on social media. In other research, we learned that there is a correlation between people who are artistic and people in our trade. They both like to create and build things, particularly if they can use their hands to do so.

Develop Informative Content

Once the goals were set, the website was developed through months of brainstorming, creating copy, compiling photos and video assets, building the platforms, and finally, testing. In an effort to drive the desired audience to the website, key features were put in place to enhance each section of the site, ensuring content appears when people search on terms connected to it. This in turn improves the overall experience of the user. The key features include:

  • Video library featuring testimonials with industry pros
  • Career path information, including jobs in both craft and non-craft
  • Salary and benefits guidance
  • Information about training and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Educational content
  • Chapter and training center directories and contact forms

Launch and Drive Traffic officially launched in February of 2020. Since then, the website has become a key platform in efforts to increase industry awareness and encourage job seekers to explore careers across both the non-craft and craft side of the sheet metal industry. Driving traffic to the site through social media and other external campaigns has given SMACNA an opportunity to drive interest and awareness of our trade while helping address the workforce challenges we face in the sheet metal industry. 

Be sure to check out to see how we continue to drive awareness of career opportunities in the sheet metal industry each day.