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Proven Practices for Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings for Foremen

Jan 7, 2021

Cover_Proven Practices Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings 2021 186x114Proven Practices for Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings for Foremen is SMACNA’s latest addition to our Contractors Operations Manual, and covers the importance of foremen meetings to the success of a project.

Meetings not only encourage collaboration by bringing stakeholders together, they help hold all parties accountable for on-time project completion. COVID-19 concerns and related safety protocols have mandated the need for increased virtual meetings, bringing the use of new technologies and communications and tracking tools to the forefront of project management.

With regular meetings critical in construction, firms will continue to look for ways to limit on-site meetings while ensuring access to information, engaging participants and tracking accountability through virtual meetings and other technologies.

Contents include:

  1. The Virtual Meeting Challenge
  2. Proven Practice Solutions
  • Implement the Right Technology and Train Teams
  • Communicate Meeting Expectations
  • Create Clear and Accessible Agendas
  • Engage Participants, Capture Decisions, and Establish Accountability
  • Make It Interactive with Feedback
  • Start the Virtual Meeting Strong

To learn more, read the latest Contractors Operations Manual, Proven Practices for Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings for Foremen.

For more information about conducting successful virtual meetings for foremen or the Contractors Operations Manual, contact Mike McCullion, Director of Market Sectors and Safety, at