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SMACNA, SMART Score on Safety

Jan 7, 2021

PINP_Dec2020_cover_250x295The December issue of Partners in Progress explores how the SMACNA/SMART partnership has proved capable and resilient to position labor and management to quickly adapt to changes, innovate, and pursue new market opportunities.

Article topics include:

Goodbye 2020. SMACNA and SMART partners proved innovative and flexible in a difficult year and look forward to a prosperous 2021.

From Compliance to Care. ACCO Engineered Systems and Local 105 don’t just share a vision of safety. They are creating it together.

Tackling Infection One UV Ray at a Time. JMI and Local 66 craft UVC units that help battle infection on any surface.

Got Certification? Careers in TAB abound and opportunities to enhance skills are everywhere,  but rest assured, not all certifications are created equally.

Partners in Action. SMACNA of San Diego and Local 103 create Christmas cheer for those who need it most.

Emotional Intelligence. Knowing the job is one thing, but being able to communicate, solve problems, and move the industry forward comes down to emotional intelligence.

Samuel Hammond: My Journey Smart. Heroes graduate Specialist Samuel Hammond of the 2nd Ranger Battalion in Fort Lewis, Wash., credits SMART Heroes for a stronger way forward.

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