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Check Out the Top 10 SMACNews Articles of 2020

Jan 21, 2021

SMACNews SpreadLike all organizations, SMACNA was forced to pivot in 2020 and adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19. That included how our contractors’ businesses were impacted by the pandemic, not only in terms of their staff and business operations, but also in terms of the new projects they were taking on (some with previously unheard of accelerated timelines) and the safety measure they needed to implement and follow on jobsites.

SMACNA rose to the challenge and provided members with coverage ranging from how contractors were working to complete COVID-19 facilities, to innovations they had come up with to help fight its spread, to the on time completion of complex, multi-phase, multi-million dollar projects (in one case multi-billion) to niche undertakings.

Below are the Top 10 most-read SMACNews articles from 2020:

  1. On the Cutting Edge

    Laser cutting equipment is steadily making its way into the sheet metal shops of SMACNA members—especially those whose businesses extend beyond HVAC ductwork into other types of specialty fabrication.

  2. The Art of the Accelerated Construction Project

    When projects get accelerated, or have to be done on short notice, state and local governments often call on SMACNA members to make it happen.

  3. Negative Air Creates Positive Environment for COVID Patients

    As medical facilities deal with an unprecedented influx of patients in the wake of a global pandemic, SMACNA contractors that specialize in negative airflow HVAC system installation and maintenance are in high demand.

  4. Contractor Completes COVID-19 Facility in Just 21 Days

    Heritage Mechanical recently completed its work on a 1,000-bed temporary hospital erected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Stony Brook University’s Long Island campus. The tent hospital project is part of an effort to increase the number of hospital beds available to treat COVID-19.

  5. The Balancing Act Takes Center Stage with COVID-19

    SMACNA testing and air balancing (TAB) members across the country now find themselves serving as essential service providers for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

  6. Sheet Metal Contractor SSM Goes Nuclear

    Work is well underway to open the first new nuclear power plant in the United States in three decades. If everything goes according to plan, units three and four of the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant will open over the next two years. With an estimated price tag of around $25 billion, it represents one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the country.

  7. SEA Airport North Satellite Modernization

    The North Satellite (NSAT) Modernization Project combines leading-edge engineering with natural motifs to create a high-tech space with a biophilic design — one that appeals to people’s innate love of nature.

  8. Copper: A Shining Example for Germ Fighting

    As scientists look for ways to battle the highly contagious coronavirus directly through vaccines, other researchers are studying copper as as a way to potentially prevent its spread in everyday settings.

  9. Study Highlights Rising Costs, Diminished Productivity for HVAC/Mechanical Contractors

    A preliminary analysis of HVAC and mechanical contractors found that contractors are losing approximately 9.4% of hours on the job as a result of coronavirus mitigation efforts. Add in variable amounts of lost productivity for each project, and the impact on a contractor’s bottom line can be significant. For specialty contractors, a loss of 10% in labor productivity often results in a 100% loss in project profitability.

  10. A Pretty Good Win: Harris Leaves Nothing to Chance with Las Vegas Stadium

    Even a global pandemic couldn’t sideline the construction of Allegiant Stadium, the new $2 billion home of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders and one of the most anticipated stadium projects in the Western United States.

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