Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Last Call for Safety Surveys – Due May 7

Apr 29, 2021

Safety Survey-1246372579 600x400The deadline to complete and submit 2021 SMACNA Safety Excellence Award Program Surveys is only one week away. For SMACNA members, this means there is limited time left to submit your 2020 company safety data through the online survey and be entered to win a SMACNA Safety Excellence Award based on calculated OSHA incidence rate by man-hour category.

Winners of this prestigious award raise awareness of their continued commitment to a strong safety culture and can use the award to support marketing efforts aimed at customers, increase employee engagement, and influence important business and legislative contacts in their area.

By completing and submitting a survey for your company, you'll gain several important benefits, including:

  • Contribution to the aggregate Safety Statistics Profile survey data (redacted for privacy), which provides a historical benchmark to use in your future comparisons
  • An indication of where your company ranks in comparison to industry averages for health and safety
  • Eligibility to enter to win the SMACNA Safety Innovation Award

So far, hundreds of member companies have sent in their surveys and made the commitment to help SMACNA create and recommend new, life-saving industry safety programs and initiatives.

To join this list of safety champions, all your company needs to do is complete the SMACNA Safety Excellence Award Program Survey. The survey is quick, easy to complete and completely confidential. The majority of information needed can be found in your company’s 2020 injury and illness records.

Complete the Safety Survey today.