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Got a Safety Question?? Let the SMACNA Safety List Serve Help

Feb 29, 2012

Got a Safety Question?? Let the SMACNA Safety List Serve Help

The SMACNA Safety List Serve is one of several list serves sponsored and supported by SMACNA including a list serve for each of the four main market sectors (HVAC, residential, industrial, and architectural). The safety list serve continues to receive many compliments from its (over 150) participants.

Members ask a safety and health question via email and fellow safety list serve members offer their opinions, give advice, and provide professional support. If you aren’t signed up you’re missing out on a great resource.

The list serve allows users to network on topics that are important to that population. For example, the safety list serve has provided many animated discussions and helpful advice on cell phone policies, OSHA’s crane standard, plasma arc cutting, gloves when working with rollers, harassment policy, and much more.

In order to join and participate in the SMACNA safety list serve, you must first have access to the “members only” portion of the SMACNA website using your personal username and password.

SMACNA members can contact Jeanne Marceron at to get website access and join the safety list serve.

Feel free to contact SMACNA’s Director of Safety and Health, Mike McCullion, at 703-995-4027 or for more information.