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Free On-line Resources Available to the Construction Industry

Dec 12, 2012

Free On-line Resources Available to the Construction Industry


The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR – formerly the Center for Protection of Workers Rights) has developed several valuable training resources available to all construction companies. SMACNA assisted in the development of some of the resources and they can help many companies address the issues facing the sheet metal and HVAC industry, as well as most construction trades.

Electronic Library of Construction Safety and Health (eLCOSH)

CPWR launched a sleek new version of eLCOSH in the recent months and the website offers user-friendly information about safety and health for construction workers, employers, researchers and others interested in construction safety and health from a wide range of sources worldwide.


Solutions Offered


A companion website to eLCOSH, Construction Solutions offers additional useful information related to hazard correction and abatement through tools similar to job hazard analyses (JHAs).


Develop a Written Silica Dust Control Plan

Silica can present health hazards when workers are overexposed to concentrations of silica dust during various construction tasks. CPWR has developed a very useful website to help identify and address hazards related to silica, as well as develop a simple written dust control program.

The website provides information on the hazards, applicable regulations, and up-to-date information regarding silica. The website can help sheet metal and HVAC companies address several tasks and processes that generate silica dust including the common tasks of drilling into concrete (for duct hangers). The website will actually develop a written plan specifically for that task. Go to the website and try it out.

For more information on these resources, contact SMACNA’s director of safety and health, Mike McCullion, at or 703-995-4027.