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SMACNA Safety and Health Resources

Dec 12, 2012

SMACNA Safety and Health Resources

OSHA compliance is just one example of the issues that the SMACNA Safety and Health Department can help you address. A multitude of safety and health resources are available to SMACNA members through the products and services of the SMACNA Safety and Health Department. The safety and health products are available in a variety of formats and topics, and most are free to SMACNA members.

Model safety polices and written programs are available to all SMACNA members through a popular SMACNA product, “SMACNA Guide to Safety and Health Policies, Procedures, and Model Programs.” This is a compilation of editable policies, procedures, and model written programs that SMACNA members can download and revise to meet their individual needs. The product provides sample policies and programs on a variety of topics and is versatile enough to develop a comprehensive, company-wide, written safety and health program or prepare and submit a client-required, site-specific program during the proposal stage. Companies can also extract individual sections (such as distracted driving policy) that can be revised and added to existing company policies and programs.

In 2012, SMACNA added two model procedures, Project Pre-Planning and Workplace Inspections (including information on Job Hazard Analyses – JHAs) as well as Post Accident Procedures and Return to Work Policy. In early 2013, SMACNA plans to add model programs to address Personnel Lifts and Material Handling.

Did you know that most current SMACNA safety and health manuals are available as a PDF for free download from the SMACNA safety web page? In addition, these manuals are also available in printed editions for a minimal cost to SMACNA members. The SMACNA manuals cover important topics such as respiratory protection, environmental risk management, scaffold compliance, and hazard communication “toolbox talks.”

Through a cooperative agreement with the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust, many safety and health training aids developed by SMOHIT are available free from SMACNA. Toolbox talk booklets, user-friendly CDs, and high quality DVDs present significant information on topics such as hoisting and rigging, and safety orientation for workers and safety managers.

SMACNA also has products such as service and construction vehicle safety “tip cards,” heat stress tip cards, and personal protective equipment information pamphlets. Additional OSHA compliance information available on the SMACNA safety web page includes detailed information on the OSHA standard for hexavalent chromium.

One SMACNA product that can be useful in keeping the message of safety and health in the forefront of your daily operations is a series of three posters covering significant safety and health issues in the sheet metal industry. The posters address eye protection, cut prevention and proper hearing protection. Each eye-catching poster is 16 inches by 24 inches and all three are shipped together. The members-only cost for the three posters is $20, plus shipping and handling.

To purchase the safety posters or hardcopy manuals, contact the SMACNA Publications Office at (703) 803-2989 or go to the SMACNA Publications Store (members only).

For more information on ordering SMACNA and SMOHIT safety and health products, contact Mike McCullion, director of safety and health, at (703) 995-4027 or