Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Construction contract data released

Aug 29, 2014

According to the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC), wage and fringe settlements reported so far this year have resulted in an average first-year increase of 2.2 percent ($1.10) up from 2.2 percent ($1.00) in 2013.

The average second-year increase is 2.5 percent ($1.23) compared to 2.6 percent ($1.30) a year ago. The average third-year increase is 2.5 percent ($1.28), which is .1 percent lower than the 2.6 percent ($1.34) reported last year. Three-year collective bargaining agreements continue to be the norm. To date, 42 percent of settlements have been for one year.

To date, the average first-year 2014 sheet metal increase has been 1.9 percent ($1.13). The average second-year sheet metal increase has been 2.1 percent ($1.29) and the average third-year sheet metal increase 2.23 percent ($1.50). The most common sheet metal contract term this year is three years, however; there have been one rollover, three 1-year agreements, five 2-year agreements, two 4-year agreements, and one 5-year agreement.

For a copy of the report, contact Jason Watson, director of labor relations ( / (703) 803-2981).