Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMACNA / SMART Joint Executives meeting update

Oct 09, 2014
SMACNA officers and the leadership of its labor partner SMART recently held their second meeting in 2014. The meeting was friendly, business-like, and productive. The main topics of discussion included:
  • A review of respective organizational priorities and components of each strategic plan.
  • A review of topics and resolutions from the SMART general convention.
  • An update on SMART’s efforts to maximize economic efficiencies in provision of health-care benefits.
  • The status of discussions on a spiral pipe wage equalization agreement.
  • The future of the Partners in Progress meeting.
  • Efforts to address the residential service, architectural, roofing, and insulation markets.
  • Workforce planning and development activities.
As outcomes of the meeting, SMACNA and SMART will work together to analyze industry workforce needs and will communicate that information to local areas (local unions, chapters, and JATCs) and will cooperate on sharing information about strategies and programs that control the cost of health-care benefits.