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SMACNA's Architectural Manual offers quality assurance methods

May 04, 2015

SMACNA’s new “Architectural Sheet Metal Quality Assurance Guide,” 1st edition, is a tool  for evaluating exterior sheet metal building components—roofing systems, exterior walls, flashing, copings, etc.—during initial construction and for ongoing condition assessments and maintenance. SMACNA teamed up with RCI, an international association of professional building envelope consultants, to write this book.

Owners and building operators with limited knowledge and experience in the specifics of architectural sheet metal components, specification, fabrication, installation, or evaluation, will find this book most valuable. It can also serve as a procedural inspection guide for experienced professionals who regularly review architectural sheet metal systems.

During construction, owners can rely on this guide in reviewing the sheet metal systems to confirm they comply with the project design specifications. Following construction, and throughout the service life of the systems, visual assessments can be made to determine if maintenance is required beyond cleaning or replacing aged sealants. If more detailed and involved maintenance is required a qualified custom sheet metal contractor can be consulted. The publication also includes explanations of the various metals and methods used in roofs and walls, the concept of redundancy, building envelope fabrication tolerances and more.

The information in this guide comes from contractors with decades of in-the-field architectural sheet metal experience and is a supplement to SMACNA’s Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 7th edition, 2012, and the Standard Practice in Sheet Metal Work, 1929 edition.

In April, members received email notification to reserve their free copy of the “Architectural Sheet Metal Quality Assurance Guide” in PDF or book format.

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