Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Wage Equalization Update

Jun 03, 2015

Following receipt of a December 2010 memorandum from then SMART General President Michael Sullivan, in 2011 the SMACNA Board of Directors directed SMACNA’s Labor Committee to meet with SMART to discuss and resolve differences related to the requirement to wage equalize on spiral pipe and fittings. SMART appointed a Wage Equalization Task Force at its 2012 Business Agents’ Conference and following an internal study of the issue, that group met with SMACNA President Thomas Szymczak and members of SMACNA’s Labor Committee in an attempt to identify the parameters under which spiral pipe and fittings would require wage equalization.

Labor and management task force members met numerous times in person and via conference call over the past several years. Despite diligent efforts by SMACNA and SMART representatives, the task force was not able to reach final agreement on the issue of wage equalization requirements for spiral pipe and fittings.

SMACNA shares SMART’s extreme disappointment that no agreement was reached, but commends the efforts and perseverance of labor and management task force members. While significant progress was made throughout the discussions, ultimately practical and legal concerns related to where wage equalization money should be paid presented a significant obstacle to resolution.

In a June 1, 2015 memorandum from SMART General President Joseph Sellers, Jr. to SMART Local Unions he advised of SMART directives related to wage equalization.

In his correspondence, General President Sellers stated the following:

  • SMART Locals are directed to abide by full SFUA requirements on the payment and enforcement of wage equalization requirements.
  • Wage equalization differentials are paid to the members who perform wage equalization work. SMART maintains that pooling arrangements, under which money is distributed among all workers in a shop, are prohibited.
  • All SMART Local Unions whose members are engaged in fabrication are directed to provide full cooperation to installing local unions by providing information regarding the conditions under which fabrication occurred.

SMACNA members and chapters with questions on wage equalization should contact the Labor Relations Department at SMACNA National.