Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


New SMACNA safety programs: Decommissioning old buildings, blood-borne pathogens

Jul 07, 2016

Take advantage of two new model safety and health programs that SMACNA has just released: “Decommissioning of Laboratories, Industrial Facilities and Old Buildings” and “First Aid/Blood-borne Pathogens.”

Both programs are available free to members and are included in SMACNA’s safety series, “SMACNA Guide to Safety Procedures, Policies, and Model Programs.”

“Decommissioning of Laboratories, Industrial Facilities and Old Buildings” offers safety and health considerations to assist SMACNA members working in laboratories, old buildings, health care, research, and industrial facilities, which may have unique safety and health hazards.

Decommissioning is the dismantling and removal of building components, systems, and equipment, including decontamination, to renovate, retrofit, and re-utilize facilities or to reduce care and maintenance requirements.

These systems include building HVAC systems including ductwork and piping, potable and waste water piping, and such exhaust systems as kitchen and laboratory hoods, boilers, and cooling towers.

“First Aid/Blood-borne Pathogens,” a two-part program, provides guidance to firms with first-aid responders who are responsible for providing first aid to fellow workers.

OSHA regulations require different levels of training and expertise, depending on the location of the facility or worksite. Employees that potentially could contact bodily fluids as part of first aid or other responsibilities should be trained on blood-borne pathogens. The program addresses OSHA’s basic first aid requirements as well as compliance assistance on blood-borne pathogens related to occupational exposure to bodily fluids.

Both of these documents can be edited to fit your company’s needs. They are available free to members only in SMACNA’s “Guide to Safety Procedures, Polices and Model Programs” available on SMACNA’s Safety webpage.

For more information, contact Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s director of market sectors and safety ( / (703) 995-4027).