Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Principles of Job Costing Guide

Mar 07, 2017

1948 SMACNA Job Cost Booklet C1_x147An effective job costing system helps construction managers and business owners be more successful and profitable. It is also a critical tool for identifying and controlling risk. SMACNA’s updated book “Principles of Job Costing” will provide insight into improving your company’s job costing system.

Properly set up and managed, a job-cost management system will help make a company more profitable with less risk and the ability to grow and manage larger projects.

The updated guide includes chapters on system set-up considerations, the estimating system, converting the estimate into an operating budget, progress reporting, change control, work in progress, and cash-flow forecasting.

Appendixes include useful samples of general ledger structure, cost code structure, an estimating turnover checklist, sample accounts receivables escalation process, and a 12-week look-ahead projection on cash.

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