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iTi offers industrial sheet metal coursework

Jul 26, 2017

The International Training Institute (iTi), co-sponsored by SMACNA and SMART, offers a variety of classes that are directly applicable to industrial sheet metal work. Find a summary below. For additional information, visit or contact the iTi’s Program Director Michael Harris ( / (703) 739-7200).

Advanced Welding Technologies – This course is for anyone who has completed WITP I, II, III and IV prior to “2007” or the current Welding Instructor Fundamentals Program and anyone who is a CWI/TS who needs training credit toward the 80 hours required for the 9-year renewal. The course material covered will meet the AWS QC-1 Section 12 requirements, as well as an introduction to advanced welding technology.

Welding Instructor Fundamentals – Topics in the following content areas will be covered in this class: Using DVD technology to teach welding and safety in welding, welding nomenclature and terminology, training material resources, welding power sources, and differences between welding in school and on the job. Training the beginning welder workshop will also be included.

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) – AWS Certified Welding Inspectors’ skills and knowledge assure weld integrity. CWIs help contractors read specifications and drawings and evaluate projects to determine pertinent codes. Participants should have the aptitude for codes, engineering procedures, and inspection techniques, but being a welder is not mandatory. The subject and type of test questions for the AWS CWI examination are the main focus of this program.

Test Supervisor – The Test Supervisor training course prepares AWS QC-1 current Certified Welding Inspectors to give a welder certification test within the scope of the iTi Quality Assurance Manual. It trains the Test Facility Representative (an individual at the JATC who can make legally binding commitments and statements on behalf of the facility) to work in accordance with the iTi QA Manual and allows a facility to receive national accreditation.

Welding Supervisor – Among the objectives of the course are training individuals to determine from specifications and drawings the applicable code, type of base metal, required base metal thickness, type of weld joint, etc.; identify the tests (WPS) required to qualify a welder; and understand and use the web-based welding database.

Sheet Metal Welding – Topics include introduction to safety and welding standards specifications, introduction to AWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding Code, use of the iTi Quality Assurance Manual, and how to perform visual inspection to the AWS D9.1 Code.

Structural Welding – Topics include an introduction to safety in welding standards and specifications and to AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code, use of the iTi Quality Assurance Manual, and how to perform visual inspection and evaluate bend tests to the AWS D1.1 code.

Grinding and Polishing Instructor Training – This course covers the materials and techniques used to grind and polish stainless steel to various finishes and welding techniques to aid in the finishing of stainless steel.

Lagging, Insulating, and Duct Wrap Instructor Training – This 6-day instructor training program focuses on the fabrication and installation of duct wrap, insulation and metal lagging of mechanical system components, including flat work, round work, pressure vessels and specialty components.