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Partners in Progress Conference: Do you have the verbal skills to build strong partnerships?

Oct 10, 2017

Stephane McShane
Is the way you communicate sabotaging your relationship with your labor partners? Are your actions interpreted as out of touch by your multigenerational workforce? Do you have the verbal skills to defuse a tense situation on the jobsite or in the office?

Stephane McShane, a director at Maxim Consulting Group, will  give you the skills you need to build a strong labor-management foundation during several informative sessions at the upcoming 2018 Partners in Progress Conference, Feb. 13-14, in Orlando, Fla.

How to prevent conflict and align your vision

Ms. McShane will show you how to develop communication skills that allow for the de-escalation of conflict. She will also discuss how perceptions and emotions contribute to conflict and steps to prevent them from influencing the labor-management relationship.

In another session, Ms. McShane will focus on team building and creating a successful labor-management culture. In it, she will explore how labor and management can align visions that will lead to mutual success.

Communicate across the generations

She will also address communication across generational divides. The construction industry is providing leadership to three or more generations who possess a variety of personalities and perspectives. While there are significant differences in these generations, it is critical that labor and management representatives understand how to assess their own communication style as well as those with whom they work for all to succeed.

Ms. McShane has a wealth of experience in the construction industry and is keenly aware of the industry’s challenges. Her expertise includes: leadership development, executive coaching, organizational assessments, strategic planning, project execution, business development, and productivity improvement. Ms. McShane’s training programs receive rave reviews.  

The foundation of every good relationship is built upon effective communication and trust. “Communicate, commit, deliver” is the theme of the 2018 Partners in Progress Conference because we know our industry works best when labor and management work together.  

The conference takes place at the recently renovated Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace. Contractors, chapter executives, and future leaders will all find something valuable in this two-day program. With a streamlined format, the conference promises to be even better than in the past.

Registration is now open. For more information and to register, visit  #PINP18