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Contractor in the News: Op-Ed: Utility regulator should not undercut Arizona’s energy efficiency

Jan 25, 2018

"Strong utility policies support energy efficiency jobs," said Darrell Fox, SMACNA Arizona board member and vice president of Dynamic Systems Inc., Chandler, Ariz., in a recent editorial calling for the Arizona Corporation Commission to reject plans to cut utility funding for energy efficiency programs.

"Arizona shouldn't backslide on energy efficiency, because the cutbacks jeopardize our future," he wrote in an editorial in the Arizona Capitol Times. "The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will soon review utilities’ requests that could scale back the very policies that have encouraged job creation and savings for Arizona consumers and businesses. The ACC should understand that strong utility policies support energy efficiency jobs," he wrote.

He also noted that energy efficiency in Arizona pays for itself and, controls costs, delivers energy savings to Arizona residents, and supports about 40,000 jobs in the state's energy industry.

Read the entire opinion piece in the Arizona Capital Times.