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New white paper – Discover the impact of prefabrication on productivity

Feb 26, 2018

The New Horizons Foundation’s white paper, The Impact of Prefabrication on Productivity, provides the answer to the relationship between productivity and prefabrication.

Based on an industry survey, case studies, and productivity and prefabrication analyses, this recent report offers a set of best practices to enable HVAC and sheet metal contractors to optimize the use of prefabrication for peak productivity.

The paper also identifies the impact of prefabrication on both field and office operations for HVAC and sheet metal contractors. The effect of using prefab with lean construction, building information modeling (BIM), and virtual design and construction (VCD) is also explored.

This report also includes suggested tactics for HVAC and sheet metal contractors who are new to prefabrication, for those who want to dramatically increase their prefabrication efforts, and for those who are advanced prefabricators.

SMACNA members may download their free copy in the New Horizons Foundation store