Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Outlook 2018: Working Toward a Brighter Future

Feb 27, 2018

As we turn our attention away from 2017 and focus on the year ahead, we are excited about all the new initiatives and valuable content planned for the coming year. SMACNA is reaching out to serve and influence in new ways, raise awareness of the value SMACNA members provide to the industry, and successfully execute on our strategic plan.

Strategic Plan: Positioning SMACNA for the Future

SMACNA National adopted a new strategic plan to successfully position itself and its members in 2018 and beyond.

As 2018 progresses, we will continue to build on our accomplishments and focus additional efforts on attracting more qualified people, both craft and non-craft, into our companies and local unions. We plan to communicate more effectively to our stakeholders, increase member engagement, and improve the relevance and effectiveness of our partnerships with our chapters and labor partners.

Chapters and contractor members can use some of the strategic findings in their own plans. In fact, chapters could consider integrating elements of the national plan locally for an industry-wide effort to achieve our important objectives. 

It is a well-known fact that a focused organization is more meaningful to its members and a focused organization energizes the leadership on all levels.

Technical Services and Research

2018 AHR Expo

SMACNA’s Technical staff presented two sessions at the 2018 AHR Expo, Chicago, Jan. 22-24. One on “HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible,” 4th edition, and the other on SMACNA’s “HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual.”

“HVAC Total Systems Air Leakage Test Manual”

SMACNA’s Technical Department has finalized development of the first edition of the “HVAC Total Systems Air Leakage Test Manual,” which is anticipated to be released in the early second quarter for public review.

Kitchen Grease Duct Fabrication Tables

SMACNA Technical staff recently completed the development of Kitchen Grease Duct Fabrication Tables based on the SMACNA Standards and Model Building Code requirements. The anticipated release is during the late first quarter to SMACNA members and the HVAC industry.

Market Sector Councils

Proposed Market Sector Projects for 2018

The HVAC Contractors Council Steering Committee has requested funding for two new projects for 2018. The first is to hire a consultant to develop a guide for SMACNA members to federal government contracting and subcontracting requirements and practices to assist members interested in pursuing public work.

5306The second project is to update SMACNA’s “HVAC Systems—Understanding the Basics” publication with industry links and resources to make it a more useful manual for construction schools and universities, and to align its promotion with the roll-out of the SMACNA Student Chapter initiative.

The Residential Contractors Council Steering Committee also requested funding for two new projects in 2018. The first is to hire a consultant to conduct research and prepare a white paper on extended warranties. The second is to hire a consultant to prepare a white paper on “The Pros and Cons of Ductless and Mini Split Systems in the Residential Industry.”

Federal Contracting Webpage 250x116New SMACNA Federal Contracting Webpage

The HVAC Contractors Council Steering Committee is developing a new Federal Contracting webpage among additional resources dedicated to federal procurement and contracting.

Business Management and Educational Services 

New Advanced Project Managers Institute

SMACNA has been working with a consultant from FMI to develop the Advanced Project Managers Institute. This new program will cover: becoming a person of influence; the impact of productivity on profit; project tracking, financial, and forecasting; mentoring, coaching, and performance management; conflict management; and negotiation skills. It will be offered in October 2018 in Raleigh, N.C. Registration will open in late spring.

New Leadership Development Program

000005178675_250x166SMACNA is working with professors at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School to develop an Executive Leadership Program, which will take place in May 2018. The program will cover: developing leadership awareness, leading your strategy for success, talent management/acquisition, retention and succession planning, developing executive presence/talent management, leading innovation and growth, leading change and change simulation.

Contractor Operations Manual

SMACNA’s Contractor Operations Manual Task Force oversaw the development and publication of four new documents and a white paper in SMACNA’s Contractor Operations Manual in 2017. Additional manuals will be updated and developed in 2018.

Labor Relations Services 

2018 Partnership in Progress Conference 

SMACNA_PIP2018_250x162SMACNA and SMART are jointly offering the 2018 Partners in Progress Conference, Feb. 13-14, 2018, Orlando, Fla., which is designed around the theme “Communicate. Commit. Deliver.” It offers an opportunity to exchange ideas with chapters and local unions across the country. Participants will gain the tools to strengthen and/or establish their local labor/management relationships, improve communication with workers, labor, and management, and explore ways to sustain and expand markets.

Workforce Development Projects to Expand Market Share 

Mike Gaffney_IMG_0190For the last 18 months, SMART and SMACNA consultant Michael Gaffney have been working with several management/labor pilot groups in Washington, D.C., Houston, and Atlanta to address their specific needs to maintain and expand market share. The program is expanding to more regions around the country to gather similar data in these markets. Mr. Gaffney will present the results of these market recovery programs at the 2018 Partners in Progress Conference.